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Welcome to Shooting Star Nursery

We do not ship out of the Continental United States or to
CA, OR, or WA States

Saddly this nursery is currently for sale and will cease shipping the end of September and close the retail plant selections at the end of the this year if it does not sell. Only serious offers will be considered. Please email me at if you have any questions or interest.

Gift certificates are no longer being issued.

We are a small, family run business located in the beautiful Kentucky Bluegrass Region specializing in plants native to Kentucky and the Eastern United States. Georgetown is located in planting Zone 6. Most of our plants are kept outside and will be in season according to this climate. We do ship dormant material. The root systems are what are important for success and we check them for viability before shipment. If you have any concerns with recieving dormant material please let us know so we can time your order to ship when the plants will be up and actively growing.  

Our plants are nursery propagated, not dug from the wild. Shipping sizes are dependant on each species. Our usual size is a 3x3x6" pot but this may vary for larger, faster growing trees and for ground covers that require more lateral space. Larger sizes in most plants are available at the nursery for pick up only. Some of the ephemerals are kept bare root and refrigerated to keep them dormant for spring shipment, this works very well for shipments going north as plants here will have flowered and be going dormant by the time the more northern states planting season's are just getting started.

Please enter a preferred shipping date in the comments column; any thing from ASAP to an exact date will be greatly appreciated. This will help us to get your plants to you at the correct time and reduce any confusion. If we hold your order we will capture your charge information before we ship to you as we only have access to your card information for a short period of time. If for any reason the plant material is not available when we ship to you, we will refund your cost of that particular plant and send it to you with your other plants.  

We will be open for retail sales starting April 1st Monday through Saturday 10 to 5.   If you would like to visit at any other time please call (502-867-7979) or e-mail us at to make arrangements.

We guarantee our plants to be true to genus species (exactly what you have ordered) and to arrive healthy, ready to plant out in your landscape. Please contact us within 48 hours if your plants arrive in unsatisfactory condition. We do not guarantee them to live, that is your responsibility. Please site them properly and give them what they require to thrive. Most native plants are very resilient: some are very exacting in their requirements. Most will need extra care to get established, once established they will delight you and the wild life that depend on them for survival.


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note that prices and availability may vary

  Best Sellers  
01.Columbine, Wild / Aquilegia canadensis
02.Primrose, Showy / Oenothera speciosa
03.Milkweed, Common / Asclepias syriaca
04.Honeysuckle, Trumpet / Lonicera sempervirens
05.Fern, Christmas / Polystichum acrostichoides
06.Celandine Poppy / Stylophorum diphyllum
07.Anemone, Rue / Anemonella thalictroides
08.Bluestem, Big / Andropogon gerardii
09.Mistflower / Eupatorium coelestinum
10.Ginger, Wild / Asarum canadense